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Westchester Village Street Lead List 09-19-2021

Westchester Letter 1-15-19 as sent

Westchester Village Information Downloads – The following documents are an important part of why the homeowners association exists. Please remember to check them before you do any improvements to your home.

Home Improvement Projects

If you plan some type of home improvement project on the outside of your home or in your yard, you must complete and submit an Application for Property Development.

  • Click the link below to download the Westchester Village Architectural Guidelines which includes the Application for Property Development.
  • Submit to Application for Property Development to Mike Smith. You can contact Mike at 248-310-4730 or


Westchester Village Bylaws and Deed Restrictions


Westchester (Old) Deed Restrictions Amended 3-18-1999

Westchester #1 Amended 12+23+2003

Westchester #2 Amended 12-23-2003

Westchester #3 Amended 8+17+1959

WVHOA Annual Meeting – October 23, 2018

WVHOA Annual Meeting – October 22, 2019 [DRAFT]